Over the years the entire paradigm of entrance exams has changed, vis-à-vis offline, online, one country-one exam, national level ranking etc. With the exam landscape becoming larger, competitive and more challenging, a greater emphasis is laid on practice exams, analysis of the results and subsequent bridging of the learning gaps.

Our Vision

CEE is a 1:1 e-practice portal focusing on “Practice makes a man perfect” adage. It is a portal which helps overcome these challenges through unlimited practice tests and familiarization of the real exam pattern.

CEE ensures comprehensive profiling involving personal details, practice details, and knowledge gaps to take control of repetitive learning processes, thereby help achieve aspirations. From a huge database CEE engine generates questions randomly without repetition from huge database, so that practicing at will and at convenience is facilitated. These questions are prepared by professors with more than 30years of experience in coaching JEE & NEET.

With CEE -

~ Imbibe time management techniques.
~ Familiarize the real exam pattern.
~ Prevent exam anxiety.
~ Review your performance through analysis.