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CEE | Aditya Chitnavis

Aditya Chitnavis

30 Jul 2015

Aditya Chitnavis

First of all I would like to give CEE a big thanks. Empowering providing me with QOD question set it has helped me a lot throughout the year specially in CET based question. Which have been big boon for me. It is one of the main reasons I got a big score in my first attempt. Which is like one of the my dreams to get into a MBBS college also their constant support throughout the year to address them questions quickly or any doubts which I had through their mails and calls, it was really very helpful for me to not have a doubt lingering my mind above a week also and their vast range which I have already talked about and also there main feature which I liked about was the three prelim paper just about 2 weeks before CET which helped me access myself where I stand.

So from my side thumbs up for the entire CEE Team.